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Context Support Documents

Artifacts Teach provides a variety of primary and secondary source materials for each artifact in the gallery. All are printable PDF's you can project or copy for your students - create a custom lesson to meet the goals and objectives of your classroom. 

Artifacts Academy

Through short, topic-focused video presentations, classroom teachers demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate artifacts into your teaching practice. Seasoned professionals:

  • Discuss the nature of artifacts
  • Substantiate their application at every grade level
  • Explain their interdisciplinary nature, and
  • Verify artifacts’ inherent ability to engage students in higher-order thinking

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  • “Every object has a story to tell if you know how to read it.”
    – Henry Ford
  • “Dealing with objects is a great way to teach the different steps involved in analyzing different kinds of materials. With just a little background, you can get students to engage with entirely new materials in extremely fruitful ways.”
    – Anita Nikkanen
    Harvard University
  • “Using objects helps students develop important intellectual skills.”
    – John Hennigar Shuh
    Curator, Nova Scotia Museum
  • "Whenever I used objects in my EFL classroom, I was surprised by how many questions I would get. I was especially excited when students who usually sat quietly were tempted to ask a question based on my object.”
    – Jenny Wei
    Specialist, National Museum of American History
  • When we examine the parts, we get a new perspective on the whole. There is nothing like holding a dinosaur bone, or the smell of cedar baskets…”
    – Burke Museum
    University of Washington, Seattle WA
  • “Every object has a story, right? Actually that’s a bit limiting. Every object has multiple stories.”
    – Rob Walker
    designer of Significant Objects and How They Got That Way

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